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2021:Art & Design



Adorning the Uncanny is a collection of prints illustrating nursery rhymes, bringing narrative and nostalgia into textile design

The things we once thought were harmless are perhaps never as they seemed. Adorning the Uncanny tells a ‘story of stories’, collectively illustrating and uncovering five household Nursery Rhymes through print design. The plagued ring of roses, exiled prayers and unfair wool taxes, have all managed to weave their way into the naïve echoes of childhood songs, avoiding their dark truths through a disguise of innocence.

This project is a sequence of retro inspired patterns, aiming to distract and ornament the uncanny through pastel florals, geometric compositions and repeated vignettes of whimsical illustration. These Nursery Rhymes in textile form bring a feeling of nostalgia into the home and exemplify print design’s importance within interior design, encouraging imagination and story-telling.

Goosey Goosey Gander

Three Blind Mice

Artist’s Book

Adorning the Uncanny in book form takes the audience through the ‘story of stories’, giving explanations to each nursery rhyme alongside their illustrations. Take a look through the book digitally by copying this into your browser: