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2021:Graphic & Communication Design



Hi! I'm Michael. I've spent the last four years honing in my interdisciplinary design approach, from brand identity, to layout design, to photo/video, to web and UX design.

Independent Project – Floorkin (musician branding and supporting media/design)

My independent project was a live brief, revolving around the music of experimental jazz musician Floorkin (Robin Forkin). The task was to create a comprehensive visual identity, and design ‘foundation’ (LP/CD/cassette, website, photography, videography, gig posters) targeted specifically at the local music demographic the music is pitched towards. As a research-focused project, I had the excellent opportunity to talk to music-design superstar Raissa Pardini, delving into her process working with musicians, where she finds inspiration, and attitudes to physical and digital processes. Additionally, research took me down a rabbit hole of artists, designers, and thinkers that have significance within the world of experimental music – the ‘graphic scoring’ of John Cage was a particularly valuable discovery when considering methods of communicating sound through design. Not only was the project comprehensive and engaging, but the results – from LP design to website to photography to videography – will be used in real life. More than fiction.

Gig Posters

Gdansk Single LP Design

Noise Bath Album CD and Cassette Design

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