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2021:Fashion Marketing



My final year project recognises the need for a platform that acknowledges Black designers and creatives. Tayts is an online retailer to shop and celebrate black-owned brands in a safe space.

Race, Retail and Responsibility

The increasing reliance upon the digital sphere as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the mass cultural and political change seen across the globe in 2020 inspired the evolution of Tayts. COVID-19 contributed to the questioning of consumer behaviours which sees them shopping more consciously and aligned to personal beliefs which has significantly contributed to decision making processes.

Consumer culture has profited from black culture without giving black designers and creatives the credit they deserve. However, call out culture and responsible commerce has seen many young individuals voicing their opinions across the media and social channels. With the lack of spaces where black designers can showcase their fashion and consumers can also buy from them, I wanted to create an innovative online concept store that highlighted and promoted the discovery of black-owned brands.

The Brand

Tayts is an online retailer sourcing high-end and emerging black-owned fashion brands from around the world and acts as a safe hub for brands and creatives to voice their cultural narratives. Tayts increases the recognition of brands through partnerships, while allowing customers to shop and discover the best black-owned brands globally. The curation of contemporary womenswear, jewellery and accessories sees minimalistic aesthetics meet vibrant expressions, designed to be appreciated by individuals who seek exclusive and thoughtful craftsmanship.

Marketing Strategies

The realisation of Tayts was carried out through an 18-month launch strategy with marketing aims and objectives focusing on brand awareness and visibility. The chosen marketing strategies were employed to target both a B2B and B2C target audience, including a launch event, IGTV and PR campaign. The brand discovery and upkeep of the community while breaking into new markets will provide Tayts with the foundations in order to become a globally recognised retailer.