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2021:Fashion Marketing



Throughout my final year, I have taken an interest in fashion styling and photography, visual social media platforms, and particularly exploring fashion as an educator for my final major project.

Inspired by fashion as an educator, for my final major project, I created Phase:U; a digital educational subscription service focused on teaching young people about sexual health and relationships in a relaxed and comfortable way through fashion representations of topics. With the COVID-19 pandemic, decreases in wide social experiences has lead to family bonds strengthening due to time spent together, thus ensuring a trusted relationship between adult and child. Using this bond, Phase:U presents a comfortable and open environment for the parent/guardian to teach the child about a new topic each month using digital resources sent to them, supported by their own experiences. I wanted to create a way of striking out taboos around sexual health and relationships while ensuring that young people receive age-appropriate lessons about topics they will likely experience without feeling nervous or scared.

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