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2021:Textile Design



A collection of digital print designs showcasing diverse interpretation - inspired by abstract surface textures and natural forms found within Seascapes - in response to ongoing environmental issues.

Collection 1 – Sea Textures

Final design 1 – Drawing sea bubbles and foam seen from the sand’s surface after the receding of the tide.

Design colourway.

Fabric sampling – heat sublimation printing on satin and faux velvet.

Fabric sampling – Screen printing (left) and Jacquard weaving (right) of the same design.

Fabric sampling – heat sublimation print on satin. Design inspired by pools of water on the sand’s surface using Indian inks and watercolour.

Collection 2 – Sea Life

Fabric sampling – heat sublimation print on velvet and satin of various designs and colourways.

Collections 3 & 4 – Reflection and Abstraction

Visual Studies

A supporting module and project to encourage alternative ways of working in motif development to apply to digital print. For this, I explored textures and surfaces inspired by Seascapes in various ways; first creating abstract, fluid mark-making, and then turning these into experimental rock compositions. Primary photography was also used and worked back into with stitch to explore diverse techniques and aesthetics.