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2021:Graphic & Communication Design



My design approach focuses on creating vibrant visual identities defined by bold colours and shapes that generate exciting, memorable compositions.

Sense: Branding and Visual Identity

sense: an immersive and visual art museum utilising the power of the senses to represent and engage broad, dynamic audiences.
From sound scapes to olfactory scent stories, the museum guides visitors through each sense, celebrating the artworks and artists working across them.
Sense’ branding aims to visually define and personify each sense. Using colour, photomontage and experimental type, each sense establishes its own tone within the brand; these motifs can be seen across the signage, way finding and advertising.

Hostelworld: Meet the World

The Meet the World campaign for Hostelworld aimed to reconnect Gen Z audiences with solo travel and booking through Hostelworld. As a way to truly ‘meet’ a place in an authentic, immersive way. The campaign worked in conjunction with their existing slogan and aimed to explore the benefits of solo travel and authentic travel. The design outcomes for this project focused on travel memorabilia, such as postcards, to reflect on the personal experiences and stories that are told as we travel. By incorporating a romantic and authentic method of communication into the ad campaign, the values of adventure and to truly meet a place complimented the brands notion: Meet the World.

Audible: One of the Locals

A podcast focusing on the hidden gems of language learning and travel. This brief aimed to encourage empty nesters to explore their new found freedom, using the podcast as an engaging tool to explore unknown tips, tricks and lessons. The design solution uses the spotlight to structure the podcasts cover and banner, as a visual expression as to what the podcast would uncover. This motif, along with the speech bubbles and interaction of characters, ‘shines a light’ onto the podcast’s exciting potential for this particular audience, and onto the new places yet to explored.

POD: Cinema Experience

A cinema experience aimed at 18-25 year olds, encouraging them to use POD as a form of emotion and physical escapism. A conceptual brief, finding solutions to the potential problems that the future of 2040 may pose. POD is an immersive cinema space that helps audiences decide which visual content is best suited to them, depending on their moods, interests and needs. POD encourages people to leave the homes that they repetitively work, eat and sleep in, to experience a personalised environment that is stimulating and constantly changing. The ad campaign focuses on illustrating the different modes of escapism, whilst the pills below pose questions as to how people will interact in the future and how our dependancy on technology may alter as the roles of social spaces change.

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