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2021: Fashion Design



Specialising in Menswear, my work explores a broad range of concepts, each focusing on a different market level. My outcomes are achieved through detailed research and extensive development.

During my four years at the University of Leeds, I have had, and have achieved, significant goals which I set for myself. For years I had hoped to do a year in industry to enable me to gain additional experience within a fashion design workplace, and fortunately, in my third year I was able to work for two brands. I started with a 3 month internship at Poetic Gem, Watford, working towards a high-street consumer base. I followed this with eight months at the luxury brand Three Graces London where I gained and developed a broad range of skills, including some time working from home due to the pandemic.

In addition to my work experience, I have also endeavoured to achieve goals outside of the basic requirements of my degree. For four years, I have been a course representative, communicating the needs of my cohort and my school. Additionally, I have entered and won two Graduate Fashion Week competitions, one with W1 Curates, which sees my work featured on the outside of the Flannels store in London, and the other with TikTok, where I have gained a design and production residency in June 2021.

I am a very dedicated, motivated, and conscientious person and would love to enter a design role within the menswear sector soon.


This collection has won a Graduate Fashion Week x W1 Curates competition, and my work is now featured on the outside of the Flannels store on Oxford Street in London.

This collection is inspired by a hybrid of two key factors- hospitals and Ancient Greek art. It has been designed for the brand ‘A Cold Wall’ and acts as a pre-fall range.Hospital settings have inspired silhouette and interesting fabric combinations. Greek art has largely informed the colour development in this work. This collection introduces colours and shaping in a unique combination, allowing aspects of ancient art to be relived, and reminding us of our appreciation of hospitals, and all that is achieved through them, especially now.

Innovation final line up


Designed for my own brand, Barrington, this collection has been inspired by the concept of “Vintage Military”.

Largely focussing on military uniforms worn throughout the last century, this range provides a modern alternative to classic military and other heritage styles. Layering helps to transition these outfits into autumn/winter, acting as a pre-fall collection.


During the day, Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), is a bold, bright, and beautiful event.
Being the festival that celebrates life after death, the colours of the day truly embrace the joy of love and memories. From sugar skulls, to face painting, to calavera’s, the colour of the day is remarkable.

Collusion final line up


Inspired by the night-time events of “Day of the Dead”, this concpet explores the deeper tones and events which unfold after the sun has set on the annual festival.


Redesigned by Guadi in 1904, Casa Batllo is an iconic feature of the city of Barcellona.
A juxtaposition of bold and muted tones help to achieve the unique visual outcome of this house, which feels almost resort like – fitting for the Australian Resort Wear brand, Double Rainbouu.