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2021:Fashion Design



My work focuses on menswear and knitwear. Also working on the innovation of garment include fabric printing and some decoration detail that works on garments.

There are two portfolios are included in this presentation. I was inspired by the paintings from depression artists (Adam Tan is specifically focused with) and focus on the innovation between garments in my portfolio one, while portfolio two was inspired by the Morse code which the Chinese military was used during the 1900s.

Portfolio one- Depression: slow fashion

My message is to show the world of depression through the designing of garments in order to use it to innovate the connection between garments. I think it is important to understand depressed people which each of us may become depressed because of something in life. Thus, understanding each other is critical.

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The inspiration started from depression:
One of my friends experienced half year treatment for her depression, she told me it is very hard to let people understand them because they have no idea of their world. ‘You see, I became depressed when I was in high school. Most adults think we are too young to be depressed because we have little experience in life’ she said. It is for that I want to ‘use’ depression as a tool to start my design, to explore garment innovation and connect it with depression.

Final Illustration & Finished garment

Portfolio two

My message is to review the old communication methods that Chinese militaries were used in the 1900s. The hurts come from the war and the pain that we have experienced is unavoidable, so why not face it in an easy way.
The inspiration comes from a book I read which is talking about Chinese history between 1900 to 2000. China has made lots of improvements in many aspects, but lots of young people have no interest in Chinese history. It is for that I want to remind people not to forget our history. As such, I use a Morse code to transfer the message I want to show to people and to illustrate and design in a more acceptable way for young people.

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Customer profile, fabric board and development