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2021:Fashion Design



I was graduated from the University of Leeds of Fashion Design. During my spare times and holidays I have completed around ten different work experiences in the UK and China.

Uniqlo x Chloe (Skin Texture)

I did an collaboration collection of Uniqlo and Chloe with the concept of skin texture. By looking into the details of human skin texture enable me to extend the ideas further into the texture of the garment as well as into patterns.

Whistle (Animal Skin Texture)

Inorder to extend further with the skin texture I have split the content into human skin texture for Uniqlo x Chloe’s designs and animal skin texture for Whistle and the animal skin texture concept I have used it for Autumn& Winter Collection. Taking the elements of fur, and animal patterns I have introduced those elements into my own designs.

Maison Margiela (Rust)

For this set of work I used introduced the elements of rust as patterns and color palette into the designs for Maison Margiela.

JNBY (Prison)

For the Chinese Hughstreet brand JNBY I decided to introduce the elements from the prisons such as hand cuffs, Prisoners uniforms, fences as elements and introduce it into my designs.