Tingting Qiu

  • sd18tq@leeds.ac.uk

  • 07741920096

2021:Fashion Design



Fashion Design Graduate specialised in Womenswear with interest in contemporary design exploring various prints and influences from different cultural backgrounds.

For Love & Lemons x Qipao

This collection combines beautiful inspiration from Qipao designs, taking the body-cupping silhouettes from this traditional Chinese style clothing and beautiful prints influenced by the movie In the Mood for Love, the most remarkable work from the renown film director Wong Kar-wai.

Erdem x Chinoiserie

A mixture of Eastern and Western culture is represented throughout this collection with the clash of Asian art prints and baroque style silhouettes. To match the brand’s identity, a heavily print dominant style is aimed throughout the design process as the original brand is known for its florals and sophisticated printed statement pieces.

COS x Ceramics and Pottery

Inspired by ceramics and pottery art, this collection aims to capture unique textures and layerings. COS is known for its minimalistic and timeless designs with sophisticated silhouettes. Curvy and asymmetrical shapes are the main highlight in this collection taken from the inspiration source.

ShuShuTong x Macro Fruits

My concept for the brand is Macro fruits. I find close ups of fruits really mesmerising. There are so many interesting aspects if we cut a fruit in half and look closely at its particles. Coming from this, I am intending to use this inspiration to create prints and vivid colour palettes fitting to the brand.