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Rama Boucai

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2021:Art & Design



My work portrays textures of memory and place, focusing on the contemporary and traditional influences of my home country Jordan on its landscapes.

Textures of Memory and Place

I am interested in the idea of landscape as a palimpsest, focusing on both the contemporary and traditional influences of my home country Jordan. After walking through the city and exploring the country and taking photographs, I illustrate their effect on the cityscapes and landscapes though painting, drawing and collage. Presenting the diverse Jordanian narrative by highlighting the mix of contemporary and traditional portrayed in these mixed media pieces. In some ways the rich traditional background of the country opposes its modernisation, where traces of history are presented in urban environments, and the effect of contemporary approaches transform historical areas. With significance on the use of traditional designs, motifs and calligraphy within the work to emphasize the context of the landscapes and cityscapes through a contemporary approach. These works emphasize the textures of memory and place, and how these textures might shape our identities and perspectives. In addition to the work becoming a reflection of my own relationship with the landscapes.