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2021: Textile Design



Inspired by Scandinavian architecture and furniture, this collection showcases interior fabrics that replicate and manipulate the line, form, and curvature found within with a focus on trims.

Title Page

Range Plan of Digital Fabric Designs

Colour and Yarn Choices

The images below show the colour and yarn choices for the collection. The colours are displayed using interior tiles, fabrics and paints to show the use of colour in the desired pathway and make the connection to interiors. The yarns are exhibited through manipulation of hand knit and machine yarns, allowing a tactile essence to a digital project. (Please Note: Images are of decreased quality due to the website limits).

Design: Fabric Collection

The images below exhibit selected fabric designs from the final collection. The fabrics exhibit the use of Scandinavian architecture and furniture as the basis of inspiration, using both line and curvature to create seamless contrasts. The collection also exhibits particular concentration towards fabric trims, creating minimal bases partnered with exciting fabrics trims. The fabrics also showcase a carefully selected minimalistic, neutral yet exciting colour palette; mimicking Scandinavian culture and design.

Digital Illustrations

Below are a few selected digital illustrations I produced to aid the construction of the structure, line and curvature forms used within my visual studies.

Visual Studies: Digital Illustration

Visual Studies: Digital Illustration