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2021:Textile Design



Digital Print Collection: A contemporary and luxury take on traditional textile design cultures magnifying and exploring a journey across the silk route.

Design for Fashion

Designed for the luxury womenswear market, this sub-collection explores a modern interpretation of traditional and authentic motifs and techniques reflecting the story and narrative of the silk route. Following the pandemic, the trending connection between home interiors and fashion has driven inspiration for this project.

Arabian Leopards: A contemporary take on commercial animal print

Paisley Patchwork: Inspired by traditional Indian paisley patterns

Vipers: silk scarf series

Antique Ditsy: silk scarf series

Design for Interiors

Designed for the luxury interior market, this sub-collection continues the story across the silk route connecting detailed imagery and traditional wood-block printing techniques. Each print explores contemporary and commercial trends while also celebrating authenticity and culture.

‘Flora and Fauna Toile’ wallpaper

‘Macaque Trees’ wallpaper

‘Woodblock Florals’ upholstery fabric

‘Snakeskin Woodblock’ upholstery fabric

Please note the quality is reduced due to website restrictions. Please contact directly for high resolution images and full portfolio.