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2021:Art & Design



Conception ex nihilo, 2021, Millie Hunt

Instagram: @millie.mags

Analogue photography, digital photography, digitally manipulated images

This series depicts the material body of woman, merging and emerging in nature. Materiality of the nude female form can be seen as a mutating, growing force, which has been culturally linked to wild landscapes. Conception ex nihilo frames the women depicted as symbols of femininity and fertility, emerging from the infecundity of the Valley of Desolation. The repressive, religious iconography implied by the title is subverted by the images. They present an empowering, modern depiction of the female nude externally; whereby her figure is desexualised – preserved in golden honey. The material body of women is reframed as a muliebral force of nature; coalescing with her surrounding environmental rhythms.