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2021:Art & Design



My work draws inspiration from the powerful narrative emblem of the Totem which inspires notions of our connection with nature.


This series of sculptures and drawings refer to the sustainable behaviours from certain cultures in history as a way to reconsider our current fragile relationship with the natural world, calling for a more-than-human-centred future.
By re-appropriating the totem pole structure as a mode of sculpture making, I am also proposing a contemporary review of ancient indigenous beliefs that included non-human beings in their kinship system.
A crucial aim for the sculptures and drawings is to cause people to consider how they respect and relate to other species and their environment.

Series of sculptures, mixed media, varying dimensions.

Series of large scroll drawings, charcoal on paper, approx. 175 cm x 42 cm each.

The large scroll drawings reintroduce the characters of the sculptures that are depicted as gradually blending with trees, as a way to suggest notions of spirituality and animism of nature.

Mockup display combining the sculptures and drawings

Making process

My making process is materially led. The collection of found objects and especially natural elements serve as a first engagement with the making of the sculptures. The different shapes of the branches suggest ways I can transform these into the structure or main body of a sculpture.
After making a quick sketch of these ideas, I interact directly with various materials by following this initial visual plan but I am also influenced by the unique properties of each material that steers my making in a path that is never expected.

Collection of materials and found items

Preliminary sketches

Applying layers of Modroc and paper-mache

Assembling different materials