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Meera Baker


2021:Textile Design



A keen interest in digital print design, illustration, fashion design and graphic design.

Brst. Vitamins

My team and I were briefed with the task of creating a Vitamins Brand for the male millennial demographic. Brst. offers a personalised subscription service, which is accessible through digital platforms, such as an app & website. The mint flavoured gummy brand, offers the values of: convenience, performance and sustainability to the consumer, which is represented in the products branding.

A European Fantasy

This project explores the concept of a ‘European Fantasy’, where a creative journey is taken, evoking sensory emotions and a nostalgic connection to European and Mediterranean places such as: Lisbon, Paris, The Netherlands and the Italian Amalfi Coast. A key focus of this print design collection is European Architecture, particularly closely observing tile design that originates from Islamic Architecture and can be found in Lisbon, in conjunction with more quaint, two-toned, traditional Dutch Delft Tile Design. Furthermore, this visual studies exploration has been informed by a great influence from prominent Parisian abstract artists such as Matisse and Robert Delaunay, who act as a focal point in traditional design practice investigations. Further Mediterranean features have been referenced through figurative motifs enthused by the Italian Amalfi Coast; incorporating conversational designs such as: citrus fruits, interesting floral vases and ancient statues. Moreover, Oriental Botanical gardens visited in The Netherlands and other European cities such as Hortus Botanicus in Leiden, have acted as the basis of inspiration for another sub-collection. This focuses on graphical motifs, looking broadly at the structures of koi carp, cherry blossom, water ripples, Japanese mountains, lily pads and textured florals.

This print design collection explores both digital illustrative and painterly hand crafted motifs, both controlled, detailed and intricate practices will be utilised, as well as bold, graphical approaches. These designs will combine traditional geometric tiling layouts with contemporary Mediterranean colours and will utilise technological innovations to create a point of difference in the market and differentiate from competitors.