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2021:Graphic & Communication Design



This work will explore a combination of UX, Motion and Brand strategy to promote a new platform for solo travellers - a passion of mine that also reflects my skills and interests within the industry.

Final Independent Project – Sole

This project targets primarily Generation-Z aged 18-25 who are advocates for solo travel – promoting the positive benefits and attempting to discourage the negative stigma associated with it.

Stage 1: Brand Awareness

The brand deliverables will be categorised into stages of how the brand would expand within the market. The first stage is the brand launch, aiming to gain maximum brand recognition through promotional posters in both large and small contexts of outdoor advertising, ensuring the message is easily portrayed in multiple situations; whilst additionally reflecting a unique visual approach to the current market.

Sole Instagram Profile

The social media content would also be released at this stage, building a visual language within channels such as Instagram and Facebook will assist to build brand awareness through recognition, and targeting the audience’s most utilised platforms.

Stage 2: Digital Platforms

The second stage would be the launch of the brands digital platforms. Displaying here the final design for the website and how this would be viewed in context. The Sole website would be used for research surrounding solo travel, used to plan trips and discover information – with minimal functions to keep the UI design simple and clear to navigate, whilst also maintaining the brands visual qualities.

The app is intended for use once on a Sole trip – displaying three key functions that displayed the highest concern within audience research: safety,
getting lost and loneliness. The user would initially login and the app would modify to the individual by connecting to information from the website that they have previously submitted such as travel plans, checklists etc. The app prototype reflects the ‘Sole Signal’ function of the app design, made with After Effects; the apps main USP. The two other features: ‘Lost Sole’ – would assist if the traveller is lost, the app will open a map and flag multiple nearby amenities to assist the user; and ‘Sole Mate’ – would highlight other Sole members nearby and connecting the traveller to others if they are lonely.
A campaign for this element of the brand would be launched with a copywriting phrase “Sole made of Steel” to maintain the power and strength in the brand TOV, suggesting that this app feature will help to strengthen the traveller if in danger.

Stage 3: Product Incentive

Sole Welcome Pack

The third stage is the product incentive – activated when the audience starts engaging and interacting with the brand and signing up to its services; receiving this gift box through the post to build on their brand reputation and connections, relying on consumers to share their Sole experience with others.

Stage 4: Personal Campaign

MySole Campaign

The final stage is the launch of a personalised campaign, incorporating user submissions who have gone on a Sole trip. The development displays how the brand would progress and how users would become more involved in the brand content; developing a personal and strong relationship with the audience by making them feel involved in brand decisions.