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2021:Fashion Marketing



This portfolio demonstrates my marketing and communication industry level skills, as well as my creative capabilities in advertising, promotions and graphic design.

Final Major Project: The Blush Club

The Blush Club is a meal kit delivery service redefining the food and drink marketplace. Current industry leaders Hello Fresh isolate the 30% of the UK population that suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome or common intolerances (gluten and dairy). The Blush Club is here to remove the day-to-day stress of living with dietary disorders, and introduces a fun, cost-effective and reliable service that makes catering to your needs seamless. Through creating an in-person and online community of likeminded individuals, the brand aims to impassion and educate those seeking both reassurance and novelty. Using locally sourced food from the UK, our boxes are personalised completely to the weekly dietary needs of our consumers. Our meals are pre-portioned with the freshest seasonal ingredients available, thanks to our strong partnerships with local UK suppliers and producers.

The Blush Club’s marketing strategies have been carefully curated in order to target all segments of our customer base. The promotional channels in each campaign ensure the brand can successfully fulfil its short and long term marketing objectives.

Contemporary Advertising: Getting Teenage Boys to Discover Poetry

For my Contemporary Advertising module, I was tasked with creating a campaign in which five advertising touchpoints could effectively target the demographic of teenage boys to discover poetry. An impossible task? Not quite. Through careful market research, I launched a multi-touchpoint collaborative campaign with McDonald’s to encourage the desired market to discover the benefits of poetry.

The final campaign’s five touchpoints.