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2021:Art & Design



Objects of Desire in times of COVID-19: Object Bench and Laptop Case

Object bench/sculpture:
In response to the public’s opinions about the objects that aided them through the first national lockdown, this work sets out to memorialise the items in a way that can be appreciated by the people that relied upon them. The community bench design is compiled of 23 objects, ranging from a mobile phone to a bicycle wheel. The main aim of the work is to reimagine the role of these objects from providing comfort during a difficult time, to a combined design that can physically support the user and provide a homage to the objects it depicts.

Collapsible Laptop Case :
The laptop case is designed for increasing focus, productivity, and privacy. Through a series of design processes, I have created a ‘snap’ together design which allows for customisability for each individual person and task. Through the use of magnetic components, the case can be constructed and deconstructed with ease, making it simple to switch out panels for an endlessly customisable design. The lightweight 3D printed panels allow for easy storage and travel, which compliments the current dynamic working environments. I also experimented with including thermochromic materials within the design as both an aesthetic component and as an indicator of an over heating laptop.

Object Bench Project

Laptop Case project