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Libby Ball


2021:Fashion Design



Specialising in Womenswear, Libby has been inspired by personal memories, leading to a large focus on hand painted prints, unconventional materials, up-cycled patchwork and contemporary silhouette.

Modern bohemian- seasonless/21 for Marine serre

This collection provides a modern take on bohemianism, and how I’d see a contemporary bohemian. Inspiration stems from my fascination with collecting objects and nicknacks which to me represent memories and my own personal version of bohemianism. The collection explores make do make, patchwork, non conformity, contrast panelling and busy prints, whilst following Marine Serre’s signature sportswear aesthetic.

Abstract fish market A/W21 for Ganni

This collection explores the danish fish markets in the 1930s, along side abstract expressionism, emerging at the same time. When visiting Copenhagen I felt it had a very effortless, untroubled feel with a sense of community, which I feel is reflected by abstract art and market life.

Sails for Liberty collective- Seasonless/21

This collection for my own brand Liberty collective, was initially inspired by sailing boats and how the air transforms them into different directions and shapes. It further explored the surface detailing of sails and parachutes, zero waste and subtraction cutting pattern making. I was particulary interested in the contrast of fabrics used in sailing therefore I experimented with different weights and how they would create different shapes. The collection reflects an a bold and adventurous individual who enjoys couture shapes but also favours a sports aesthetic, whilst holding a strong sustainable conscious.

PSYCHO AW/21- Maison Margiela

This collection is inspired by the deeper meanings within the 80’s film American Pyscho. The film centres around on the business man turned serial killer, therefore the collection is focused of portraying layered and concealed personalities. The silhouette of the 1980’s New York elite have been combined with prisoner attire to form new shapes.