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Laura Smith


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2021:Art & Design



The focus of my practice is to explore the interrelation between art and craft. Employing craft techniques decontextualizes what it means to create artwork how materials play a part in this practice

I use crochet to create structural sculptures, referencing themes of nature and exploring the patterns of growth structure and microorganisms, for example. I draw on my own experience and meaning of what it means to be an artist to break barriers in the narrative of why we make and who we are making for.

My main aim for this work is to highlight the possibilities in hybrid practice and reflect of today’s revision of our craft histories, which readdress intersections between art, craft and design.

The collective and connective quality of pattern making drives the sculptural form, such things as a bee hive in its lattice honeycomb hive, the formation of blood cells and flower shoots are examples of references. A main part of my practice has stemmed from chance, using an open ended system to explore the unforeseen, much like the sporadic yet controlled ways of nature.