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2021: Graphic & Communication Design



My work explores the relationship between technology, nature, and music. Enveloping the senses to create an immersive experience and unique brand, while embracing the organic shapes of nature.

Biosynth Records

Aim: To create a brand identity for an alternative record label that distributes experimental electronic music, created using biodata sonification. Biodata sonification devices: ‘generates MIDI notes when a change in conductivity is detected, allowing a user to listen in to the invisible biological processes occurring within plants’ (electricityforprogress.com).
The objective is to build a visual identity that helps the audience to engage with the immersive experience of this genre of music, using a blend of technology, music, and nature to create a record label and an experience that encapsulates these brand ideals.

12” Vinyls – A record store will be the main distributor of the physical music items (records, cassettes, merchandise). The brand identity is carried through the store and assets, using the spore-type orange circle pattern, creating a sense of cohesiveness through the brand

Biosynth Presents: BOTANICA

Botanica Festival, presented by Biosynth. An experimental audio-visual festival that immerses you into the invisible world of electronic organic music. To maintain a relation to Biosynth, Botanica Festival uses the same image of the dandelion, but with it’s own colour scheme created, a bold mix of blues and oranges.

Ticket + Event Merchandise

Using the dandelion imagery helps the audience to subconsciously connect the poster and billboard to the ticket, maintaining brand consistency. The image choice is also functional as the colour divide is also the divide in which the perforated edge can be removed upon entry

The cassette is a limited edition piece that visitors to the Botanica event can buy to keep. The cassette contains all the music that was displayed at the event. The use of the cassette is for nostalgic purposes, to hark back to the 1980s, which was a time period in music when electronic and synthesizers were in heavy use

Audiovisual Installation + Augmented Reality

Aim: to immerse the audience in the music and visuals that are at the forefront of this event. The user scans the record icon on the screen (several will be placed about the event) next to a certain plant, and then using augmented reality, the user can see the plant music visualised through augmented reality. Ties in with the tagline that the audience will be able to hear, see and experience the invisible symphony from the plants

Promotional Video