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Joyce Lim


2021:Graphic & Communication Design



This final year project is an app that allows users to travel spontaneously and travel with mindfulness.

Wanderlust – Travel guide app

Design a location-based activity game to create entertaining , interactive activities, prompts, challenges that help travellers to be present, engaged and reflective.

The logos are designed to show the the adventurous, exploration spirit of travel. The primary logo is bold and dynamic just like the passionate travellers. The quirky mascots designed as a virtual guide and travel companion. The cheeky and energetic character posing adds personality to the brand.

In order to attract young users, the game is set like a dare game, users who complete the dare will get points that can be exchanged for merch.

The aim of the game is to get the user feel the spontaneity while travelling, challenges will be based on the user’s mood. Users can share their thoughts in a capsule which can only be seen on the spot.This will also motivate them to explore around the area, to find out stories that is left by others. Users can also create a challenge regards to their go-to-places.

Vibrant, bold colours, playful, simple flat illustration. present the information in a clear and contemporary way. Character illustrations used as backdrops throughout, which help give the campaigns personality and flair.