Joanne Boulter


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2021:Fashion Design



I'm a 2021 graduate specialising in Menswear, with a year of industry experience through various internship roles. The portfolio displays a selection of work compiled throughout my final year.

My first concept explores both floral and architectural imagery taken by amateur photographer Charles W Cushman throughout the 1940’s to inspire a season-less collection for King & Tuckfield.

This Autumn Winter Collection takes inspiration from a combination of WW2 aviation artefacts from the 1940’s such as archival RAF uniform, and aircraft photography as well as posters created during the war. These have been used to inspire silhouette and design details as well as fabric dye techniques to create an aged effect – patching fabric also references ‘Make do and Mend’ evident in historical garments from WW2.

The Spring Summer collection for MSGM has been inspired by butterflies, looking at macro photography taken by Chris Perani to generate print development and colour. Silhouette development has also been generated from images of butterfly wings as initial inspiration.

My Season-less collection for Phoebe English is the outcome of a sustainability focussed project. The concept of Organic Architecture has been explored combined with less environmentally impactful production methods such as zero waste pattern cutting and natural dyes.