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2021:Fashion Marketing



Accelerating collective action between fashion brands and innovators towards a circular economy.


Felicity Lammas is a soon to be Fashion Marketing BA Ind graduate of University of Leeds. As a result of closed campuses during her final year, Felicity relocated to Copenhagen, Denmark to join foremost thought leader Global Fashion Agenda (GFA) as a Sustainability Assistant to further pursue her interests in the sustainability field alongside her studies.

During her time at GFA Felicity largely worked on the 2020 Circular Fashion System Commitment and the launch of the 2021 Fashion CEO Agenda. Prior to working with GFA, Felicity completed a one-year placement at online retailer ASOS as the Sustainable Fashion Intern working across the Product Integrity, Circular Economy and Supply Chain teams. Since graduating Felicity has been promoted to Sustainability Manager at Global Fashion Agenda.

Empowering the fashion industry to collaboratively drive towards a more circular economy

Inspired by her involvement with ASOS’s circularity strategy and GFA’s 2020 Circular Fashion System Commitment Felicity wanted to develop a tool which could empower the fashion industry to accelerate actions towards a more circular economy.

The fashion industry is currently faced with less than 9 years to meet urgent carbon reduction targets. By continuing to operate within the linear business models, we risk missing 2030 carbon reduction targets by 50%. The circular economy offers a system solution framework to tackle some of the biggest global challenges our planet faces today including climate change, biodiversity loss, waste and pollution. Although some parts of the industry are beginning to wake up to the untapped value the circular economy presents, the pace of change is not happening fast enough. In order to create an industry-wide movement and scale-up existing measures, decisive action is needed collaboratively, and in a common direction.

This led to the creation C: LAB (Circular Laboratory) – A digital B2B service extension of foremost thought leader, Global Fashion Agenda. C: LAB acts as a pre-competitive working space to stimulate greater community, knowledge exchange and collaboration between brands, solution providers and thought leaders, fast-tracking concerted action towards a circular economy.

Alongside the core network feature, C: LAB provides tailored, accessible, practical and implementable resources empowering fashion’s brands and retailer’s globally to accelerate the industry’s crucial transition to a circular economy.

In order to create an industry-wide movement towards a circular economy and scale-up existing measures, decisive action is needed collaboratively and in a common direction.