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2021:Textile Design



This is focused on interior space, which led to explore the variation of colours, materials and scraps in hand drawn mark making, blocks, manipulation and woven collages before translate into knit.

My images is to present variation of already-made colours vs handmade colours, stripes, repetition and collaging to create contrasting balance. The use of materials such as scrap papers, coloured papers, watercolour paint,pro marker, highlighters and watercolour cartridges etc, are to be experimented on how each colour that been repeated on different materials and create a new appealing colour. This is before collaging the samples to put together and to translate into knitting.

Contemporary Already-Made Colours And Lines

My paperwork

My paperwork

The already-made colours from media such as pro markers, highlighters, watercolour pencils and colour tapes etc on variety scraps and cartridges are to manipulate the distances and sizes to see the colours being combined. Many produced small piece of samples has been collaged together to form contrasted contemporary paperwork. These variation of hues such as red and blue etc are selected from captured images of buildings and museums in Leeds. The purpose is to settle a friendly environment to see as a familiar view of colours.

Contemporary Handmade Colours And Lines

My painting

The watercolour painting is purposefully to explore and produce own variation colours of the selected hues which are: blue, red, yellow and pink. During experimenting each colour for per strip of cartridge, the photograph of stained paintings on the newspaper has interesting variety of colours and build up layers. There is a small proportion of variety red coloured hue to flash and stand out. All the produced colours has create its own marking or line on the newspaper and brings out a messy and contrasted appearance.

Overwhelming colourful paper works that were woven and collaged together, to manipulate into layers and variety proportion of colours being exposed. All the strips being collaged as a whole are in horizontal and vertical directions only and each colour is not produced the same or a copy to the other. The focus is to create an environment that people recognise or familiar colours of their surroundings.

Contemporary Colours and Lines Translate Into Knit

Images of the selected variation of colours being reduced and referenced such as PANTONE reference in Photoshop and samples of digital knit from Yarn Bank to produce digital knit designs. This is to experiment the colours, the textures and techniques of per coloured yarn to create illusion to see colours blending together. This is to overcome issues that has occurred and find ways to create a comfortable and to be soft appealing purposefully for interior design items such as cushions and blankets. During pandemic, the idea of mixing and creating knit techniques into a method to experiment through such as Dubai Knit Machine to see what effects the texture and the colours form into.

My digital work

This is the final digital outcomes of cushion designs with selected colours to use. The cushion layout were to be measured a few times before using photograph for the final design to scale into smaller size to fit to see what the cushions looks like. These final digital outcome relies on embroidery technique such as applique to stitch the knitted strips onto the fabric.