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2021:Graphic & Communication Design



My design practice focuses around branding and illustration. I strive to bring a vibrant and friendly touch through hand-drawn typography and my never-ending hunt for the perfect colour palette.

Aprais Parenting

My final project at university focused on exploring confidence. Typically, women apply to jobs when they have 100% of the requirements, compared to men who apply with 60%, suggesting a clear gap in self-confidence.

This project looks at how we can raise young girls to be more confident through parenting styles, types of play and involvement in sport. This is communicated through the ‘Aprais’ app, which is targeted at parents of young children. The app allows parents to set goals, receive guidance, access resources and track progress in an inclusive environment.

Whilst researching this project, an Instagram mini-series on ‘Types of Play’ was created to understand gender bias in design and explore communication of child-friendly material.

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Unusual Laws Pictogram Series

As part of my final year Information Design module, I decided to take a light-hearted approach towards the task and use pictogram design to convey the most unusual laws around the world.

The series of 20 pictograms were designed to communicate with young adults aged 18-25 through a statement coffee table book. This project aims to spark conversation about law and politics amongst young adults in a fun and engaging way.

See if you can decipher the unusual laws!

Coffee Table Book Cover

Contents Page

Coffee Table Book Preview

Menopause for Thought

Menopause for Thought was designed in response to ‘The Case for Her’ brief for the D&AD New blood 2021 Awards.

The concept was to highlight the general public’s lack of knowledge around the menopause and to communicate that if everyone knew more about the menopause and its effects, we could better support those around us.

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Crushed It!

The year is 2040 and cities are becoming ghost towns. How do we entice people back to the city?

Crushed It is an immersive wine-crushing experience where customers create their own wines whilst learning about the perfect pairing of wine and food from our experts.

Customers visit the restaurants’ own inner city vineyards, make their favourite wine from scratch, eat their personalised meal that is designed to accompany their own wine, and take home wine tasting samples with a personalised wine pairing guide!

Wine Tasting Personalised Packaging

Personalised Pairing Guide

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