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2021:Fashion Design



Specialising in Womenswear, Bethany’s work explores a focus on birdseye perspective, development of prints, seasonless designs, detailed research and development through concept, colour and fabric.

Bethany is a driven and creative individual. Her passion and obsessive work ethic has resulted in her creating four innovative and imaginative collections. While Studying at the University Of Leeds Bethany has undertaken two placements in London at L Saha and Camay.

Over the past four years Bethany’s skills have developed immensely in CAD illustrator design, creative pattern cutting and construction. Her love for art and expression has fuelled all inspiration and design development. Throughout all collections designs showcase a classic/ unique garments, as a message to promote sustainable longevity fashion. Bethany hopes to continue her development in fashion focusing more on sustainable design, while evolving into the fashion industry.


Matisse is a collection inspired by the French artists Henri Matisse; known for his pops of colour and raw originality. This collection has focused on his work, the detailed phase of his art in 1890-1910. The focused point of inspiration was a pairing of his ink line drawings and his oil painting work, this created vivid patterns and colour pallets for the collection. The chosen brand for this concept is Marni, a brand also known for their colour and print making the perfect pairing. The aesthetic of Matisse being effortlessly detailed and beautiful has been embedded in this collection to create luxury prints and designs that can compliment one another. The illustration style of this collection mimics the artist’s work with juxtaposition of clean digital colours and print blending into water-coloured models, a metaphor for the multiple talents Matisse had within art and creativity.


Madeline is a Mid/High end brand that I have created for the purpose of this concept. Madeline loves to push the boundaries with construction of garments, embracing innovative design thinking and styling. Its renowned for expressive use of bold colour palettes and unique one-off pieces. This Spring/ Summer collection is inspired by Henri Matisse Cut Out illustrated book ‘Jazz’ published in 1958. The book has inspired, colour, silhouette, print, embroidery, and construction of the designs.


The Peter Do collection takes inspiration from the 1950s fashion trends focused on Vogue’s interpretation. Photography was a great contributor to the inspiration for this collection. Willy Maywald and Regina Relang where renowned for their fashion photography during the 1950’s. The classy woman of the 1950’s has inspired necklines, lapels and pleating within this collection. Influences of colour were taken directly off selected 1950’s covers of vogue. The elegant and sophisticated autumn winter 2022 collection has been designed for the contemporary brand Peter Do.


‘Birdseye’ is a collection inspired by the Birdseye perspective; a view from above focusing on natural sights of nature. The blue salt fields in northern Australia were a strong influence throughout this collection. The influence of nature correlates to the movement of sustainability that the fashion industry is taking very seriously. This seasonless collection was created with the mindset of designing staple pieces that can be brought at different time of the year. The release for this collection would release across March, April, May with pieces that would fit the transition period of Winter to Spring.

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