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Aria Ngai


2021:Graphic & Communication Design



With interests in illustration and editorial design, my work focuses on bringing concepts into visual storytelling.

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Emoflow is a campaign that encourages emotional awareness and links emotions with imagination.
It also conveys the message of “moving on” through the concept of “weather and clouds”.

Stage I:
Emozine is a printed monthly zine published by Emoflow. It focuses on introducing emotional awareness and encourages the audience to notice their emotional problems. It aims to raise their emotional awareness through an understanding of emotions with illustrations.

Stage II:
A website for the audience to have an experience of understanding emotions with music and illustrations. The event of Emoflow and the truck will be updated on the website. Members can use the services of personal mood journals and receive zine monthly.

Stage III:
Emotruck travels over the country to spread the importance of emotional awareness and provide personal services for people to understand their feelings. It can also be used as a guerilla advertising when traveling between cities and towns.

Emotions illustrations

Illustrations for emozine: 5 different types of weather represent the 5 basic emotions.






Disruption Festival

Disruption festival is an experimental music and arts event. The concept of “breaking rules” and “experimental” is shown by the idea of unknown objects are breaking out of the eggshells.