Anna Richardson


2021: Fashion Marketing



Encapsulate is a leading fashion- forward bespoke styling service delivering a personalised, time saving service that mature women can trust.

Encapsulate a Bespoke Styling Service for mature Women

So you never have to say ‘I have nothing to wear’ ever again…

Encapsulate wants to reignite your passion for fashion, whilst giving you back time to spend on things that matter the most to you. We want to inspire you to make a change and invest in your wardrobe and in yourself. Our aim is to create not only a service, but a family of strong empowered mature women who want to look their best and feel their best. Even when life gets busy, Encapsulate is here to take your wardrobe dilemma’s away and inspire you. We believe in the brand so much and we want all our beautiful ladies to as well. Our online platforms as well as print offerings are there to engage with and create an exciting offering for our our loyal customers. All of us here at Encapsulate pride ourselves on creating the best customer satisfaction possible and making sure our lovely ladies always feel looked after. This past year our world has been turned upside down and as we slowly get back to normal it’s time to treat yourself, because if there’s one thing we’ve learned here at Encapsulate life is too short not to have an amazing capsule wardrobe.



Encapsulate is a leading fashion- forward bespoke styling service, which creates lasting relationships between us and you. Enabling us to deliver a personalised, time saving service that mature women trust. With a capsule wardrobe tailored specifically to you, you deserve to feel empowered and confident in whatever you wear.

”There’s a huge market,” ‘It’s not like these women grew older, turned a corner and forgot about looking stylish. They didn’t develop amnesia at 40.” (Rozhon, 2004)

So why target Gen Xers you might ask, well “Gen Xers have been reported to spend as much as one-third more each year than their millennial counterparts and don’t find purchasing luxury products to be a serious stretch. They have money to spend, and are looking for a special product that also delivers incredible quality” (Miller,2020). Many brands have focused on this idea of selling to younger generations “through social media marketing and ‘cool girl’ messaging, and most of all, a product aesthetic and quality that misses the mark” (Miller, 2020). Mature women want chic, high quality products, which feel special but functional, that fit into their busy lifestyle. Added to this, the majority of women over 40 feel excluded or represented by the fashion marketing they see on social media platforms. Furthermore, “older women are frustrated that recurrent trends are nearly all aimed at young bodies and that the high street aren’t taking into account the physical changes which naturally occur to the female physique as women age” (Townsend, 2015). This emphasises the idea that brands and designers have majorly forgotten them in favour of providing clothes for the younger generations. The Gen X market has untapped potential with “more than 12 million women aged over 45 and they represent vast economic potential to the industry. But many of them simply cannot find fashionable clothes that fit or are stylish” (Townsend, 2015).

Encapsulate Mature Styling Service – We aim to encourage as many mature women as possible to join our service and change their life for the better.