About the SoD

Art & Design

The work of the BA Art and Design final year group evidences an extraordinary range of visual and conceptual accomplishment.

Spaces for creative thinking and practice have alternated between university studio spaces to student or family homes. The domestic interior, a local neighbourhood, surrounding landscape and virtual space have all been ripe for exploration as the Covid crises prompted scrutiny of such subjects as the body, the social, the everyday and the unfamiliar. Design solutions have been proposed, identity has been explored, abstract and figurative compositions have been constructed and all within extraordinarily testing social circumstances.

The digital world has presented many opportunities for creativity, communication, and display. Students and staff have worked hard to build virtual communities, enabling support and communication through various platforms. Students have discussed and showcased their practice and ideas on undergraduate research platforms, in tutorials and on social media, maintaining an active environment of creative practice and debate.

Through tenacity and ambitious exploration, artwork of a fascinating diversity has been realised and showcased here on our new website. We wholeheartedly congratulate our students, the work you see for 2020-2021 final year Degree Show is testament to the fact that, even in restricted circumstances, a year group can strategise and rise to the challenge of producing work of such thought provoking, high level achievement.

We wish everyone the very best in their future endeavours.